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How Important Is Physical Education For The State Conservatory Of Uzbekistan Students’ Successful Performing Activities.


  • Shokhida Gafurova The State Conservatory of Uzbekistan
  • Munavara Abdullaeva The State Conservatory of Uzbekistan

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musicians, conservatory, sport, physical education, physical health, performance, artistic activity, occupational diseases, physical culture


Every musician’s profession assumes regular hours-long practices, long-term music performance training and concert activities.  The music profession is hard work that involves continuous rehearsals, followed by performances at concerts. This negatively affects the state of their health. This becomes the reason for the manifestation of occupational diseases and the termination of performing activities. Therefore, the formation of the physical well-being of a musician seems to be extremely important for successful and long-term performing activity. Consequently, it is relevant to introduce various types of physical culture into the daily routine of every musician starting from the early years and further into higher education. This paper gives insights into the issues of sport and physical education at the state conservatory of Uzbekistan. Today musicians become well informed through the internet, publications, seminars, and books on how sport can have a positive influence on musician’s performance. The paper examines how to determine whether moderate-intensity activities can assist in playing an instrument and can be incorporated into the curriculum of the musical education for the benefit of the students- musicians.

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